As a holistic healer, empowerment coach for mind, body, spirit, and a mom of two, my mission is to create a shift in the way we view health and well-being

A shift from sickness and diagnosis, to health and wellness

At my center, we see individuals as whole human beings with a wide range of gifts and we see challenges as stemming from a multitude of physical, cognitive, emotional, educational, nutritional and environmental factors. We seek to uncover the root causes of the issues and help to resolve them safely and naturally. Further, our mission is to arm individuals with skills to prepare them to navigate all of life's challenges.

Through options such as individual coaching, mind-body-spirit health and wellness coaching, mindfulness practices, Somatic Healing (including Yoga, Conscious Dance, Nia, Craniosacral Balancing, Reiki)), Shamanic healing practices, sacred ceremony, creative expressive arts, empowerment and personal development workshops, collaboration with schools, workplaces, and farms; and specialized support for parents, we inoculate individuals and families with the proper dose of inner resilience necessary to thrive.

As a spiritual development coach, I guide clients of all ages and stages to become conscious-awake, alert, aware-so they can rediscover their authentic selves in order to evolve their soul. Learn to remove the veil of conditioning that has been blocking you from accessing all that you truly are, in order to become who you were meant to be.

We are living during trying times that are asking us to connect with our inner wisdom, release the blocks that hold us back from expressing our creative life force energy, so that we can "pivot"--shift and transform with ease as the winds of change continue to blow. 

It's time to birth YOURSELF to awaken your FAMILY.

I connect science with soul, offering ancient healing to modern people.

YOU will rediscover your inner powers, and learn how to use those powers for your highest good, and the good of the world.

Join my community today so that we can come together to growempower and support one another.

With Love & Gratitude,


Virtual Healing Options

All programs, services, workshops, & retreats are currently being offered virtually for your safety and convenience. Call or email to find out more about how to join my tribe.

Upcoming Events

Mom's Soulful Sits

Integrative Craniosacral Balancing 

Uncover root causes, break old unhealthy behaviors and belief systems, experience greater ease and peace.

Integrative Craniosacral Balancing 

Mindfulness*Creative Expression*Movement *Community
Ignite your inner fire
Nourish yourself to nourish your family. 
Moms Move to Mend TM) 
Transformation for Moms
Dancing  Tree
Move your body, transform your mind, nourish your soul
Move to Mend(TM) 
 Kristy's book will inspire and empower as you read about her person healing journey and transformation.
To be Released in 2020!!  

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