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  • Are you concerned that your child is not receiving adequate support at school?

  • Do you think that an alternative school placement may be best for your child?

  • Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed while trying to navigate the educational system?

  • Are you unsure of your rights as a parent?


Educational advocacy can help...

Educational Advocacy

We provide information, support, and advice in order to help guide parents through what can be a very complex and confusing process of navigating the educational system. We are knowledgeable about specialized school placements for children with learning disabilities and other special needs, and we can assist families with educational planning and placement. Our goal is to help parents understand their rights so that they may become staunch advocates for their children.

We will do the following:


  • Conduct a records review
  • Share findings from psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing with school and other support staff
  • Attend CPSE, CSE, 504 meetings and special review meetings
  • Provide school-based consultation
  • Make recommendations for specialized school placements



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