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Authentic Movement Program

Authentic Movement is a meditative and intuitive way of allowing the body to move without agenda or choreography. It is a way of slowing down, connecting with the moment, with the body, and tuning in and listening to its natural rhythms and opening to a deeper understanding of sensation. In doing so, we can develop a strong relationship between mind, body, and spirit. 


Instead of imposing the mind's agenda on the body, we train the mind to be an observer who follows the body's lead. We wait to be moved by sensation, allowing the body to be moved in whatever way it chooses by whatever sensation arises in the present moment. 

Moving authentically is a way of connecting with the body's inner landscape, as well as the Earth's landscape of which the body is a part. In a safe, nurturing, and nonjudgmental setting, we move authentically in order to deepen our relationships with our bodies in a way that we likely never have before. We learn how to find our inner resiliency, cultivate balance, heal the wounds of trauma, release emotions that have been stuck in our being physical and energetic beings, and find our true inner voice.


Authentic Movement is liberating!  

Sessions are private or in small groups and combine meditation, authentic movement practice, writing practice, creative expressive arts, and Shamanic healing. 

Some of the benefits of my unique Authentic Movement program include:

  • A safe environment for freedom to explore and create without judgement or restriction.

  • Balancing hemispheres of the brain

  • Enhanced problem solving, concentration, focus, and flexibility to solve novel problems

  • Deeper connection between mind and body

  • Deeper connection with intuition

  • Release of emotions and trauma that are stuck in the body

  • Breaking patterns of unhealthy behaviors and the limiting beliefs that reinforce thm

  • Developing a necessary practice of listening and responding to the body

  • Development of trust in one's inner voice and intuitive guidance

  • Enhanced creative expression

  • Increased consciousness, personal growth, and evolution 


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