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Mindful Parenting for the Everyday Parent

Parents, YOU are invited to the leading edge of raising thoughtful, happy and well-adjusted kids… without losing your sanity or having to buy another parenting how-to manual or iGadget… 

Having a great relationship with your child is important to you, right?

BUT, sometimes, despite your best efforts:

  • Your kids don't listen when you ask them to do the simplest tasks, and you get SO frustrated.

  • Your kids fight – and you just want them to stop bickering, whining, and complaining about each other.

  • You notice that they aren't adjusting well, maybe she is having trouble in school or with her friends.

  • And sometimes you find yourself yelling or threatening – or maybe just passing your child your iPhone just so you can have a few minutes of peace and quiet… And you don't feel good about this.


Yelling, threatening, time-outs & punishments…..

Maybe you've tried these methods…And maybe those methods worked (for a little while at least). But if you're like most parents, it's hard to keep this up, day in and day out. And what's worse… even though you may not be aware of it…. These methods actually threaten the long-term relationship you will have with your child as they grow up. Children who are manipulated and controlled into "behaving" don't like it. (Would you?) And many studies tell us that using these old-school tactics to reward or punish kids actually damages their self-esteem and self-worth. Worst of all, these tactics can cause your child not to trust you. Which means that down the line, as they get older, they don't feel safe telling you the truth. And then you've got BIG problems. OUCH.

I get that how you raise your kids and what is actually happening in your home is a very private thing… but I want you to just take a deep breath for a moment and consider what is actually going on:

  • You feel terrible after you lose your cool, you feel guilty and like you should be able to keep it together.

  • Sometimes, you may be embarrassed by the way your child acts, and you're not sure how to address this behavior in public. You feel the eyes on you in the grocery store or the school pickup line. (And it bothers you.)

  • You want kids to be responsive, respectful and well-behaved without needing to constantly badger them, but nothing else you've tried works.


Until now……

Now here's some GOOD news…

You can raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy.

And you don't have to resort to yelling, punishing, or threatening.

Or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior.

Or reading the top 20 best-selling parenting manuals.

Or hiring a parent trainer.

There IS a better way to parent. It involves nothing more than YOU as the Parent Expert using all of your amazing innate intuition to guide you. You already have what you need right within yourself!


What's the secret t this intuitive approach to parenting?

There is actually brain science behind why we parent the way we do. And most parenting guides NEVER talk about it. Know HOW this works, use it in your favor, and you will create the optimal environment for your child's brain development. And your kids will naturally respond. There's also an art to this new way of parenting. When you quiet down, disconnect from external distractions, plug in to self, access empathy and use a new way of talking with your kids, you'll notice a dramatic difference in their behavior… a decrease in your frustration level… AND encourage your kids' emotional intelligence and thoughtful decision-making.

And the Everyday average parent can do this! 

This is about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships.


Live Private Coaching

In just 10 Weeks, less than 90 days!, you personally experience the entire process of transformation that allows deep connection,cooperation and peace of mind between you and your child.


  • Establish trust with your child so that each of you can come to a new relationship from a solid foundation.

  • Make sure that your child feels safe, secure, and cared for on a core level.

  • Break free of unconscious, limiting, and stressful parenting patterns (that are causing you stress and disconnection with your child.)

  • Be a clear and confident parent with whom your child trusts and cooperates.

  • Know how to build your child's self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation.

  • Increase your child's ability to learn, while ensuring their future happiness and self-confidence.

  • Claim your family's happiness and have the tools to mend the gap when things go wrong in the future.

  • Be a relaxed, calm and centered parent who models healthy relationships for your child.

  • Feel fulfilled, energized and empowered with your partner and other adults in your life.

  • Learn how to set limits peacefully without resorting to punishments and consequences.

  • Embrace authenticity as a parent so that you get to let go of who you think you should be as a parent and simply be who you are.

  • Create an instant connection with your child even during his worst tantrums.

Sounds complicated and time consuming? No way!

You can participate from the comfort of your home or office!



When you access the parenting tools in this Course, you'll notice a decrease in your frustration level, less conflict in the home, a difference in your child's behavior and most importantly, a deep sense of calm and connection, with the peace of mind that comes when you know you are doing your very best as a parent.

Yes! I am ready to enjoy more peace, calm and connection in my home.

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