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Groups & Workshops

We offer  a variety of workshops and groups for parents, children, and teens.

All groups are kept small in size in order to ensure that all members feel comfortable, safe, and well-attended to.

In addition to being incredibly effective and healing, workshops are a cost- effective way of obtaining support for your family.

Friends on a Mountain
SOAR Empowered Tween & Teen Boys


8 week course designed to teach tweens (ages 11-13) and teens (ages 14-18) about the inner workings of their brain as it relates to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Quite often teens (and adults!) are plagued by a constant stream of thoughts that become intrusive, making it difficult for them to concentrate on their lives at that moment, and also lead to a flurry of upsetting feelings such as anxiety, depression, confusion, and stress. By the end of this workshop, teens will have learned to understand where these thoughts come from, and most importantly, how to manage them and the feelings that go with them. This is an important group which nurtures in boys a masculinity that is rooted in kindness, love, strong emotional intelligence, and a connection to spirit and intuition. 

Small group size. 



SOAR Empowered Kids!


Parents, do you want your kids to SOAR in life? This is an innovative empowerment and personal development  program that reflects almost 20 years of Coach Kristy's research in child development.


Kids ages 8-12 will learn all of the essential life sills that are necessary to thrive in today's world. Kids develop confidence, a connection with their inner soul, the ability to express their authentic voice, problem solving skills, resiliency, balance, flexibility, assertiveness and self-advocacy, healthy body image, self-care, mindfulness skills, emotional intelligence, social skills, and so much more!


Separate groups for boys and girls. Group size kept small. 


Fun Dance Class
SOAR Empowered Tween & Teen Girls
(Journey of the Jewel)


A powerful group for tween girls (ages 11-13) and teen girls (ages 14-19) to take charge of their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Girls are provided with crucial guidance needed to navigate puberty, adolescence, and young adulthood with joy, strength, and pride. In a safe and nurturing environment, your daughter will learn to claim her self-worth and confidence; tune in to her inner compass which is her deepest truest self; make friends and be a good friend; speak her truth; understand, honor, and care for her changing body; and so much more. Each girl learns how to take care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit while discovering the beautiful hidden jewels inside of them. 




Moms Move to Mend


Moms, are you feeling burnt-out by the daily stressors of managing kids? Feeling like your patience has worn thin along with your relationship with your kids?  Are you struggling to parent while dealing with a chronic illness, such as Hashimoto's,  Fibromyalgia, gut issues, Sjogren's, Diabetes, MS, or other chronic illness? 


Learn how to connect with your intuition in order to parent with presence, become less reactive and more responsive, value and care for yourself, become more mindful in every day life, manage the stressors of parenting, build a peaceful home, listen to and love unconditionally, trust your child, maintain calm amidst the storm, strengthen your relationship with your children and significant other, all in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment.


We learn and practice evidence-based skills and healing modalities, while sipping tea and sharing good company. Coach Kristy's innovative movement program will literally transform your mind and body as well as your relationships. You will learn how to release the limiting beliefs and stored-up emotions and trauma that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself. 


Appropriate for parents of children from toddlers to teens to adults!

By the end of the 8 week workshop, you will feel calm, grounded, joyful, healthy, and better connected with your children and yourselves.




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